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Consumers trust organizations that protect their privacy.
Organizations worry about their regulatory exposure.

Ensuring your organization can meet privacy expectations of customers and regulators is more important now than ever.
That's where AMINA excels.

AMINA helps organizations — including public sector, private sector and governments — comply with privacy and access laws through proven, pragmatic, affordable solutions delivered by consultants with decades of real-world experience.

We know that mitigating the many risks to your organization's information — whether employee customer or corporate confidential — means more than simply having a privacy policy or security policies in place.

We also know from decades of experience that an effective privacy posture is never a one-size-fits-all approach — and that it can be achieved swiftly and economically. That's why our corporate and government clients appreciate AMINA's straightforward strategies and comprehensive solutions that provide privacy, access, and information risk compliance outcomes that work.

AMINA's refreshingly practical approach surprises many, and pleases many more because it is based on real-life experience, it's affordable, and it works very well. And it can work for you and your organization too.

Contact us to find out how how we can help you reduce risk and regulatory intervention while increasing compliance and stakeholder confidence.

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